MiPose & -Ikonik- Opening Inworld ♥

MiPose - Tora Posepack (Inworld Stores Opening Offer)

Hello out there!

So, today is the day Ikonik and I are opening our stores inworld! It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve worked super hard the last couple of weeks (or longer), getting everything ready, that I think we both are ready to sit back and take a few breaths… ♥

But first, we hope you’ll stop by and take a look at what we have to offer. For our opening, I’m putting out the new Tora Posepack for only $L29 for the first week. Come grab it while it’s fresh off the posestand 😛

And if you need to freshen up your nails while you’re at it, Ikonik has released his first ever Slink nailpolish, the Sakura Nails in 6 bright colours for both your hands and feet. They’re being sold as a fatpack for $L79.

The shoes in the picture on top, are also available at Ikonik’s half of the store ♥



LOTD #29

LOTD #29


Head: VCO – Risa
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Hair: .Olive. – the Steffi Hair ::Uber::
Hat: *katat0nik* – (pink) Froggy Sailor Hat ::The Season’s Story::
Necklace: Noodles – Crystal Ball Necklace ::Xiasumi::
Top: SPIRIT – Birdy Top ::The Season’s Story::
Pants: Tee*fy – Eva High-Waisted Leggings
Bag: Ariskea – Schoolbag Rose (free group gift)
Shoes: REIGN. – Haiden Plats
Pose: MiPose – Cho


Rug: { V I N C U E } – Flurry+Carpets (group gift – $L150 fee)
Bunny/soup/hanky: ~silentsparrow~ – (Toast) BunBuns! ::The Season’s Story::
Lights: tarte. – ceiling string lights
Frame: .aisling. – Spring Kingdom Frames ::The Season’s Story::
Kittens: *ionic* – Kitten Table

VCO – Risa & LOTD #28

VCO - Risa

The moment I saw  mette’s Flickr picture for her The Season’s Story item, I knew I was doomed. Broke. That’s the word. Broke.
8 cute expressions, 4 make up options, 4 hairbases, two eyes options and the ability to remove the eyelashes and put on your own. How was I supposed to resist?

+ Expressions are cute and realistic.
+ Option to turn off the default eyes and add your own mesh eyes.
+ Comes with Slink hands/feet appliers.
+ Reasonable price. $L2800 for all 8 expressions. $L200 for Maitreya applier.

– Very visible and “dark” hairbases. I would have loved an option of turning it off, or given more choices.
– With some of the expressions, it seems like the neck is too much for my Maitreya body. Even after changing through all the neck sizes and changing the head size, there’s a visible difference. This does however seem to be a common problem with mesh heads.

LOTD #28

Head: VCO – Risa ::The Season’s Story::
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Hair: Blues – Valerie (group gift – $L70 fee)
Hat: *katat0nik* – (yellow) Froggy Sailor Hat ::The Season’s Story::
Nails: (NO) – Maitreya Nails Punk Set 1 ::Collabor88::
Dress: Kitja – Anne Dress (grey) ::The Season’s Story::
Bag: ASO! – Petite Square (vivid) ::The Season’s Story::
Shoes: REIGN. – Avian Sandals ::The Season’s Story::
Pose: Izzie’s – Headshot Poses

Tutorial #1

Tutorial #1

Hello there 🙂
This is gonna be my first attempt at writing a tutorial, so if anything is
hard to understand during the steps, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to make myself clearer ♥ Also this tutorial is made by memory, so the result might vary a little.

The raw photo was taken at medium quality, on a plain white background, with my windlight set to “Juicy Loves You” which gives it a faint pink teint. Whether this is actually important to how the final picture turned out, I’m not sure, but I figured I’d mention it nontheless and have you go download Juicy’s amazing windlights.

Step one: Curves
* Some find it easier to make a new adjustment layer, but what I tend to do (bad habit?) is to make a copy of my background (Crtl+j), then go to Image/Adjustments/Curves.
Staying in the RGB channel, I added some light and some contrast.

Output: 255
Input: 245

Output: 1
Input: 27

Step two: Pink (or whatever you choose)
* Make a new layer. Choose a big soft brush and a light colour. For this picture I used somewhere around #fec8d5 which is a pastel pink. With the brush opacity on 30%, gently dap on the white background. Don’t worry too much if you’re painting over part of the hair.

Step tree: Gradient
* Go to Layer/New Adjustment Layer and make yourself a gradient map. For this picture, I used the default red to green map that’s in my Photoshop. If you don’t have that, make one that goes from #e10019 to #00601b
and set that layer to Screen.
Now make sure you click on the white box next to your gradient map in your layer. That’s your layer mask.
If you’ve clicked it, it should turn your for- and background colour to black and white.
With a soft brush (set to about 30%), erase the gradient from eyes, brows and lips. With the opacity down, you have more control over how much you wish to delete.

Step four: Blur
*Make a new layer and merge your layers together by pressing the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E together.
Now go to Filter/Blur/Motion Blur.
My settings are on -10 on Angle and 39 pixels on Distance.
This is where I’d usually make a layer mask, but the eraser tool works just the same for this job.
With a big soft brush (keep that opacity down), erase the parts you don’t want too blurred.

Step five: Blend in
For final touches, I grabbed the colour picker tool and selected the background colour.
On a new layer, once more with the big soft brush, I added some colour on the edge of the hair to the right, to blend it better with the background.

And there you have it. I hope things made sense.
For credits, please check out THIS post ♥

Also, if you used my tutorial to edit any of your pictures, I’d LOVE to see the result. Leave a comment here, or tag me on Flickr ♥


Lelutka – Aria

Lelutka - Aria

Mesh heads. I LOVE mesh heads. I mean, I have a relatively normal relationship with heads made of mesh.
Oh, who are we kidding.. I own too many of them to deny absolutely being in love with them.
Now, I’ve added one of the new Lelutka heads to my little collection.
There are already some great reviews out there, but I figured I’d add my own opinion to the bunch.

After having tried each of the tree mesh heads as demos, I decided on Aria which I found was the one whom suited my personality the best.
I also purchased a Glam Affair applier that I’m not entirely sure what did.
I noticed the eyeshadow changing, but besides that I can’t tell much difference from the standard Glam Affair skin that comes with the head.

This head doesn’t come with a bunch of expressions, but it does allow you to open/close your eyes and mouth, and hide or show the ears. You can also turn the blink effect on or off.
I’ve included a little picture of the HUD which is very easy to figure out.

One big difference from the Lelutka head to other mesh heads, is that you need a mesh body to get a proper fit. And it sure does fit the Maitreya body like a hand in glove.
My only problem is how the body and face seems to have two different skin tones when I crank up my graphics, even though they have the same skin applied.
I experienced the same problem with the system head, so whether it’s an issue with the body, I do not know.
If anyone has an answer, please let me know? ♥

In general, I’m extremely happy with this mesh head and can only hope that other creators will eventually get a chance to create skins for it. There is no doubt that the Glam Affair skin looks stunning though.

Head: Lelutka – Aria
Applier: Glam Affair – Aria Applier (bought at Lelutka store)
Hair: little bones – Hollywood ::Uber::
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Pose: MiPose – Cho

LOTD #27

LOTD #27

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ – Theda ::The Fantasy Collective::
Glasses: Ariskea – [Mystery Girl] Carlina
Tattoo: antielle. – Hyaku Monogatari ::Xiasumi::
Straps: *katat0nik* – Bow Wrist Strap ::Collabor88::
Top: The Secret Store – Nana Cropped Bomber ::Collabor88::
Pants: (NO) – Ropped Front Zip Leggings ::Collabor88::
Bag: ::{u.f.o}:: – solji school backpack black leather RARE ::Xiasumi::
Shoes: [BLK2.0] – OPIUM Female #Slink #Flowers ::TMD::

LOTD #26

LOTD #26

So, I finally caved. I’ve heard so much about the Maitreya Mesh Body that I finally decided to give it a try after having been a Slink fanatic for so long.
After mixing it with one of the new skins from .Birdy., I have to say I’m pretty impressed.
However, I do experience a couple of issues with it that I’m gonna mention in the hopes that there’s a fix to my troubles, and you know how to help me with it ♥

Nails: I didn’t notice this until after I took the blog photo, but, on my Maitreya hands, it looks like her nails are displaced. Almost like when I used prim nails on the default SLAV hands and did a horrible job at placing them right.
There’s a big possibility I’ve just done something wrong, but what? HELP!

Holes in the Ozone: Well, not really, but if you look closely on the photo, you’ll notice a little “hole” in the background where her left thumb is. I got this a lot when trying to pose her. I’m guessing it’s a battle between the meshes?

Those two issues made me stick the Slink hands back on her as soon as that picture was taken. It’s a shame cause I really do like the shape of the Maitreya hands, but I’m grateful that the creator made the switch a possibility.

Body shape wise, I’m prefering this one over the Physique. It seems more natural and “womanly” if there’s such a word, and apart from the few
issues I’m having, I can definitely see Mira wearing this on an everyday basis.

Photo is taken at the Baja Norte beach.

Skin: .Birdy. – Sienna (peach)
Mouth: [[ CR ]] – Nyam Nyam
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: little bones – Needles
Hairband: MishMash – Hippie Hippie Shake
Outfit: NS:: – Mesh Bohemian Pants (free top and sandals) ::Cosmopolitan::
Necklace: =Zenith= – Wooden Owl Necklace
Bag: =Zenith= – Owl Bag RARE
Pose: {Imeka} – Stella